Stories by James Bradbury

Create a Budget in Quicken

Creating a budget often seems mind-boggling to those who don't consider themselves money-savvy, but Intuit Inc.'s Quicken can make it simpler than you ever thought possible. This article will teach you how to do the legwork necessary to track your income and expenses as well as set up a budget. From there, all you have to do is monitor your budget and enter transactions regularly.

Digital Debt Reduction

It's the American way: you're a little too free and easy with that magic piece of plastic, and next thing you know, you're carrying a monthly credit card balance at an interest rate that would make a loan shark blush. The financial experts agree: the first step toward getting your personal finances in order is to pay off consumer debt.

Easy Money

April is the only time of the year that many of us take a close look at our finances -- and often we don't like what we see as we write a check to the IRS. Like overindulgers who've hopped onto the scales after the holidays, we resolve that this year is going to be different and that we'll whip our personal finances into shape once and for all. But whether it's pumping iron or making budgets, a lot of us don't stick with the program. It's just too hard; too tedious; and most of all, too time-consuming.