Stories by Bryan Betts

Mobile Web use hits an upward curve at last

Data traffic to mobile phones jumped 463 percent in November compared to the same month last year, according to the latest State of the Mobile Web report from Opera Software.

Fans and skeptics argue on Fibre Channel over Ethernet

This year's Storage Networking World Europe show focused attention on Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). However, while SAN vendors promoted FCoE as a way to extend Fibre Channel's reach and longevity, skeptics described it as unnecessary -- and perhaps even a Cisco-powered Trojan horse intended to wipe out rival networking supplier Brocade Communications.

ParaScale pushes private storage clouds

Cloud storage startup ParaScale is targeting enterprises, as well as service providers, with new software that it claims can turn a group of heterogeneous servers and storage arrays into a redundant and self-healing private cloud of storage.

10G Ethernet: can copper cut the mustard?

If 10Gigabit Ethernet has a problem, it's multiple personalities. 10G over fibre is well established as a network backbone technology, but in past generations it's been Ethernet over copper - and especially telephone-style twisted pair cabling - that has brought the big upsurge in usage and sales.

Network Instruments data recorder holds 288T bytes

Network Instruments has developed what it claims is the largest network data recorder available. The GigaStor SAS has a capacity of up to 288 terabytes, and was originally developed for a U.S. military customer which needed to store a month's worth of the traffic on its network, said Douglas Smith, the company's president and co-founder.

Nexsan gets beastly with business data

Nexsan has introduced a storage subsystem which it said could enable users to consolidate their long-term business-critical data stores into a single consolidated platform.

Audio processing is on the move

There is a quiet revolution underway in audio processing - although it's quiet only in that the developments are mainly aimed at eliminating troublesome noise and echos. To find out more, we talked to a few of the companies leading the charge.

Akamai and Citrix link up on app acceleration

Akamai and Citrix are linking up to offer global application optimization, combining Akamai's Internet-based web application acceleration (WAA) service with Citrix NetScaler application optimization gear in customer sites.

WAN accelerator breaks the Gig barrier

Silver Peak has launched what it claimed is the biggest WAN accelerator ever - a box able to optimize, de-duplicate, compress and encrypt 1Gbit/s of WAN traffic.

More skirmishing breaks out on the AutoCAD front

Just when it seemed as if a truce might be feasible, fighting has flared up again in the battle between the WAN optimisation vendors over just who can - or can't - accelerate the latest AutoCAD format for drawing files.

Net monitors make Riverbed visible

Riverbed has done deals with several developers of network monitoring software to get them to add support for its Steelhead WAN appliances.

A tailor-made VoIP system

When bespoke men's tailor Gieves and Hawkes moved its 25 UK outlets over to IP telephony, it also converged not two but three services onto a single new MPLS connection.