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Tadpole pushes mobile 64-bit Unix to developers

Tadpole Computer has been selling Unix notebooks to the military and independent software vendors at high prices, but now also wants to sell 64-bit notebooks to corporate software developers and is drastically cutting its prices in a bid to make its products more affordable.

HP plans for more efficiently cooled data centers

It's getting hot in data centers around the world, but Hewlett-Packard (HP) has come up with a "smart" cooling analysis service that places cooling resources where they are needed the most, the company said Tuesday.

Sun's N1 strategy gets new products, services

Several hardware and software products designed to help IT managers implement Sun Microsystems' N1 strategy for data centers and networking infrastructure were announced Monday by the company.

Texas Instruments announces new wireless chips

New processors from Texas Instruments (TI) promise to increase the performance of cell phone and personal digital assistant (PDA) applications while allowing manufacturers to build devices that are smaller and that consume less power than current devices, the company said Monday.