Stories by SAMI LAIS

CA, AMD Offer Desktop Unicenter

Computer Associates and Advanced Micro Solutions have announced plans to begin offering next month free downloads from their Web sites of a jointly developed stand-alone desktop version of CA's Unicenter TNG.

Performance Trackers

A tiny dot-com and a major insurance company faced radically different network problems:One needed to keep online customers satisfied -- by not waiting -- during the busy holiday season. The other needed to make sure his ASP delivered what it promised. Both used application-monitoring tools to resolve potential problems.

Blame Game

About the only thing worse than poor application performance is being responsible for causing poor application performance.

Merger Could Affect Other Vendors

Even users of network and application-monitoring tools produced by companies other than Concord Communications Inc. and FirstSense Software Inc. could be hit by a ripple effect from Concord's acquisition of FirstSense, announced last week.

CIM Standard

The Common Information Model Object Manager, a new application in the Formula electronic-business management suite from Managed Object Solutions Inc. in Fairfax, Va., will let managers take advantage of the Common Information Model (CIM) to simplify systems management.

Some mainframe users see hope in Tivoli deal

In a move welcomed by its OS/390 users, Tivoli Systems last week announced that parent company IBM will buy object-oriented management software maker Accessible Software. Tivoli plans to integrate Accessible's Access 1 management tool into the Tivoli Management Environment (TME).

Y2K glitch calls jurors for duty 100 years ago

A call to a programming library that was not Y2K-ready was the culprit in a court mailing that ordered about 500 Philadelphians to report for jury duty January 3, 1900, said a city official.

CA, IBM troffer price breaks for OS/390

Computer Associates International and IBM recently announced a unified front in pricing, software-package development and support for the IBM OS/390 platform meant to appeal to mainframe users who are developing e-commerce applications.

BMC stakes claim in back-office e-biz management

BMC Software has staked its claim in the burgeoning e-commerce market, announcing forthcoming versions of its flagship products and services tailored to e-business processes on back-office operations.

CA and IBM Partner on OS/390 E-Business

Computer Associates International Inc. and IBM today announced a collaboration in pricing, software-package development and support for the IBM OS/390 platform.