Stories by SAMI LAIS

Tragic Flaws: Why CIOs Fail

In the new CIO or chief technology officer role, technologists are more likely to fail than strategists, says a new study from Giga Information Group.

Companies Fail to Find Right IT, Business Mix

The challenge that CIOs face in mixing the technology and business aspects of their jobs was illustrated last weekend at a retreat for Computer Associates International users here, as two CEOs said they've redefined the roles of their CIOs and another added that his had just been given the boot.

Gupta Named CTO at Computer Associates

The top-level reorganization at Computer Associates International Inc. will continue this month with the planned appointment of 11-year CA veteran Yogesh Gupta as chief technology officer, said a spokesman for the Islandia, N.Y., firm.

New Management Standards May Ease Network Tuning

The San Jose-based Distributed Management Task Force Inc. (DTMF) recently released new schemas, or database definitions, that lay the groundwork for information technology managers to specify and guarantee quality-of-service levels.

Candle Readies MQSI 2.0 Management Package

According to Candle, an updated version of its monitoring tool for IBM's newly icon-driven MQSeries Integrator (MQSI) 2.0 will make integrating and monitoring applications easier and faster.

BMC's Patrol Targets B2B Management

Business-to-business exchange managers who are grappling with trading environments that stretch from the back office to the front office, along the supply chain and across trading partners could soon find their management tasks easier, according to industry experts. That's if BMC Software delivers on the end-to-end management promises it made this week.

Wireless Today and Tomorrow

The freedom promised by wireless networks - computing wherever you roam - is so compelling that the technology has remained a hot topic, even though few organizations are actually using it. In 1997, Johns Hopkins University's School of Public Health (SPH) became one of those few.

Quality of Service

Quality of service (QOS) is a concept that's been around for years. One can argue that without QOS, a service-level agreement and a dollar gets you a cup of coffee.

Optimal Networks Sale Sharpens Compuware's Tools

The sale of Optimal Networks Corp. to Compuware Corp. should be a winning proposition for information technology departments that want to use the same tools to predict and monitor an application's performance from inception through production, analysts said.

New CA Software Adds Neural Net to Apps

Hoping to make it easier to build neural network capabilities into existing applications, Computer Associates International Inc. in Islandia, N.Y., has combined its neural networks offering with its Jasmine ii application development and business platform.

Compuware Acquires Optimal Networks

The sale of Optimal Networks Corp. to Compuware Corp. should be a winning proposition for information technology departments that want to be able to use the same tool set from an application's inception to monitoring it in a production environment, analysts say.

Live Health Tool Aims to Streamline Management

Concord Communications Inc.'s Live Health reporting tool, released last month, will filter extraneous alarms and show information technology managers current network, systems and application monitoring data in a historical context, said a company spokesman.

HP Aims to Improve Software Distribution

The wooing of top information technology and business managers by Hewlett-Packard Co. continued this week with HP's announcement that it would offer enterprise-level software distribution through an alliance with Novadigm Inc. in Emeryville, California.

Users Think Current as HP Looks Ahead

At Hewlett-Packard Co.'s OpenView 2000 user conference here this month, company officials offered information technology managers an image of a more innovative HP focused on e-commerce, but most attendees homed in on new features in network management software that could help them solve existing problems.