Stories by Dave Margulius

Industries where Linux makes sense

A number of vertical markets are finding substantial cost benefits by adopting Linux. They include those that are driven by improving low margins (such as retail or utilities), those that need a lot of computational power (such as oil exploration and movie animation) or those that hope to find competitive advantage in Linux. A history of aggressive technology innovation (such as financial services) also helps.

The realities of utility

Attention data center staffers: Utility computing is coming, but don't start planning your retirement just yet. In the utility computing dream, compute resources flow like electricity on demand from virtual utilities around the globe -- dynamically provisioned and scaled, self-healing, secure, always on, efficiently metered and priced on a pay-as-you-go basis, highly available and easy to manage. Using the latest clusters, grids, blades, fabrics, and other cool-sounding technologies, enterprises will plug in, turn on, outsource, and save big bucks on IT equipment and staff. They won't care where their J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) or Microsoft Corp. .Net resources live anymore.