Stories by Vernon Turner

IT revheads push need for bigger I/O pipes

IT platforms are only as good as the speed of the I/O feeding them and today’s data centre infrastructure continues to be built out using a wide range of input/output interconnect technologies. However, IT executives continue to seek a common, ubiquitous I/O interface for their mobile, desktop, servers, storage, and network technologies to help reduce complexity, not increase it. In addition to this desire, it is clear that the technical functions delivered by these new computing models are challenging the capabilities of the traditional PCI bus and platform designs. IDC believes that the introduction of PCI Express technology may very well meet these challenges.

Throughput computing shapes up as next systems vendor battle

Brewing in the background of the utility computing debate is another equally interesting breakthrough. Recently, Sun Microsystems threw down the gauntlet to Intel and challenged them to an arm wrestling match based on Throughput (the ability to pass and process I/O) and not clock speed.