Stories by Charles T. Clark

Internet Netpreneurs: Gorilla in our Midst

Company: Red Gorilla LOCATION: San Francisco PRODUCT/SERVICE: Syndication of Gorilla Time application LAUNCH: December 1999 FUNDING: Utah Ventures, angel investors and an institutional fund REVENUES: Not available (privately held company) GREATEST CHALLENGE: Finding the technical personnel to implement the sophisticated three-tier architecture. Judge's Comment: "This site provides a few important services well and explains everything in detail."

Big-Iron Resurgence

When Groton, Massachusetts-based New England Business Service Inc. (NEBS) wanted to port its core applications from an older IBM S/390 mainframe to a distributed client/server environment, it needed help. The company needed help not only with the actual migration, but also with product selection and implementation strategy. NEBS, a multinational business-to-business direct marketer, turned to Beacon Application Services Corp., a software integration firm in Framingham, Massachusetts.