Stories by Vince Vitale

AlphaSmart 3000

Want to take electronic notes without shouldering
the weight--and cost--of a notebook? Check out the slim, translucent $199
AlphaSmart 3000. About the size of a notebook PC keyboard, the AlphaSmart Inc.
device packs 1MB of memory and can store up to 100 text pages and eight
separate files. As you type, text appears on a legible, four-line,
40-characters-wide LCD screen. AlphaSmart uses an included USB cable to upload
its files easily into almost any program in a PC or Mac. You place the cursor
where you want the text to appear on your PC app window, and press <Send>. The
maker has added features to the 3000 model, including the ability to cut, copy,
and paste within and between files; it also costs $50 less than the previous
model (the AlphaSmart 2000). The shipping version is rated to run for up to 500
hours on three regular AA batteries, and at 2 pounds the unit won't weigh you
down--making it a good laptop alternative for travelers. AlphaSmart;