Stories by Robert Scheier

Analysis: Security toss-up

Network executives face the same challenges securing storage networks as they do enterprise data infrastructures - keeping corporate information safe without slowing application performance or adding management complexity. The problem is, the range of security options isn't nearly as wide for storage as it is for corporate networks.

Special version operating systems: secure but with a catch

Trusted operating systems are special versions of off-the-shelf operating systems, such as Windows NT and Unix that are enhanced to be more secure. Charles Kalko is a big fan of trusted operating systems. With PitBull from Argus Systems, he's used them to lock down vital functions that run his business-to-business barter site. The result: tighter security and more stable systems because fewer information technology administrators can make ill-advised tweaks to them.

Calling all data

Jim Shelton looked the data warehouse monster in the eye and blinked. And he says he's glad he did. In late 1998, Shelton, the director of information systems at Global Companies in the US, says he considered building a data warehouse to share data between the Lawson Software financial applications his petroleum-distribution firm was phasing out and the new Oracle financial applications it was embracing.

Meddling in middleware

Until now, if you're like most IT professionals, watching the feds battle Microsoft has been a spectator sport. If you love Microsoft, you've gnashed your teeth as Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson ordered it broken into two as a lawless monopoly. If you hate Microsoft, you've cheered as an industry bully was finally brought to heel.

ITxpo 99: Novell to release Net-based tools

Novell, hoping to leverage the strength of its Novell Directory Services (NDS), will release within the next three months a set of network-based tools to manage everything from single sign-on for users to digital security certificates, Novell chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt said on Monday.