Stories by Stefan Hammond

Gigabytes versus kilowatts

One of the unfortunate corollaries of Moore's Law is that as computing power grows, so do power requirements and heat dissipation.

Banks assess the currency of technology

Hong Kong's banks don't operate like HK's post offices, where clerks deal out coins and paper stamps in nineteenth-century fashion. Banks must leverage IT to serve an increasingly sophisticated public, while balancing security concerns and increasingly tight compliance issues.

Asia-Pacific important region for Cisco

Cisco's Partner Summit 2006 kicked off in mid-March when president and CEO John Chambers took the stage, right after a thunderous performance by a drum-troupe jarred the Asia-Pacific press corps from its collective jetlag.

IBM wants to grid Hong Kong

The roadmap of Hong Kong's IT future is gridded, said Cordelia Chung, general manager for IBM China/Hong Kong Ltd., at a press conference last week to announce their strategic technology roadmap that, claimed the firm, will help "drive Hong Kong's future success as the most globalized and prosperous city in Asia."

Hong Kong anti-piracy reward scheme announced

The U.S.-based Business Software Alliance (BSA) and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) Customs and Excise Department announced a scheme to reward persons providing information on companies using illegal software at a joint press conference Tuesday.