Stories by Liz Tay

Talking information security with business managers

Convincing business executives to address information security issues can be a nightmare for some IT managers. Liz Tay speaks with management consultant Jed Simms, executive chairman of Capability Management, about communicating security risks in a business-savvy manner.

Academic study hopes to uncover the secrets of open source

Open source projects have produced some of the most sophisticated pieces of software while defying conventional wisdom about collaborative projects, according to researchers at the University of California Davis. The interdisciplinary research team, consisting of academics from the fields of computer science, mechanical and aeronautical engineering and management, has recently been awarded a three-year, $US750,000 grant from the US National Science Foundation (NSF) to investigate the open source phenomenon.

Cyber criminal ring targets Australian inboxes

Trojan horse malware that provides its owners with credit card numbers, bank details, and other personal information has been discovered targeting Australian Internet Explorer users.

Gardens Point Ruby programmer on compiling dynamic languages for .NET

Developers at the Queensland University of Technology are working on a Ruby compiler that will allow the language to be supported on the .NET platform. Liz Tay speaks with Wayne Kelly, project leader and senior lecturer at the university's School of Software Engineering and Data Communications, about the Gardens Point Ruby.NET <a href=" index.php?id=1469832844">project</a> and his interest (or lack thereof) in Ruby, and .NET.

Netspace to go national with ADSL2+

Melbourne-based ISP, Netspace will join the handful of providers that offer high-speed, ADSL2+ broadband to Australian homes. On Tuesday it announced that it has embarked on a national rollout of ADSL2+ technology, and expects to start providing ADSL2+ to new and existing customers within the next three months.

Industry effort aims to advance women in computing

Eight of Australia's leading CIOs and technology leaders have come together to initiate the second phase of the Women in IT Executive Mentoring (WITEM) program. The program aims to address a number of issues which women face in the technology sector.

Wireless alcohol purchasing puts users in high spirits

Imagine buying your best mate a birthday drink at a classy Sydney establishment even if you can't be at the pub with him. You may be somewhere across the world, but hey, at least you're there in ... spirits. It's all a matter of sending an SMS, thanks to some handy technology by mobile ticketing provider bCODE.

Elementary, Watson: Open source textbooks to educate developing nations

A project based on the open source software model aims to create free online textbooks for developing nations. Under careful academic oversight, the Global Text Project will produce 1000 textbooks for undergraduate studies in a range of subjects including business, science and arts.