Stories by Liz Tay

Google's recruitment process revealed

Want a job at one of the hottest IT workplaces of the century? Well, Google is still employing. Even after declaring a massive worldwide growth in employees during the past financial year, the company is advertising vacancies in its engineering, sales, and operations teams.

Wireless energy to power nano-robots

Imagine coming home after a long day of work; too tired to consider anything besides your favourite sitcom and sleep, you set down your laptop bag by the door, carelessly empty your pockets onto the coffee table, tuck a wirelessly powered LCD TV under your arm and pour yourself into bed, knowing that a wireless power system would have fully recharged your mobile phone, PDA, laptop and MP3 player by morning.

An interview with Linux Australia's cover girl

It can be tough being a woman in an industry where almost four in five people are men. But that's just another challenge that Pia Waugh enjoys, alongside juggling her own consultancy, a research position at Macquarie University, running Linux Australia and Software Freedom International, and being otherwise heavily involved in the industry.
Liz Tay speaks with Waugh about her experiences, passion for technology and open source, and advice on how to take on the skills shortage in Australia.

The Observatory Hotel makes spam an unwelcome visitor

With only a small IT staff, yet a significant amount of its business being conducted electronically, cyber security is an issue high on the priority list of Grant Raubenheimer, Hotel Manager of the Observatory Hotel in Sydney.

IT recruitment: perks to lure staff

With skilled IT staff levels at their lowest in 35 years, employers are driving to come up with more flexible employment packages to attract employees, according to specialist recruitment agency, Hays Information Technology.

How to get a job at Microsoft

Microsoft is currently looking to fill 50 positions in Australia, so if you've ever wanted a piece of one of the IT industry's biggest pies, now would be a good time to strike.

Developer shortage stalling Web projects, lines coders' pockets

A severe shortage of local Web application developers is making it increasingly difficult for companies to hire staff for eBusiness and Web-based projects. Meanwhile, the lucky few with relevant skills are netting in correspondingly healthy salary packages, claims one IT recruitment agency.

EXCOM's ITIL offering to cope with 'sleeping giant'

EXCOM Education, in conjunction with ITIL experts Contactability, has launched a suite of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) training courses to cope with an increasing demand for ITIL certifications in the Australian market.

IceTV: You can't stop technology

Despite an ongoing legal battle with Channel 9 and its parent company, Publishing and Broadcasting Limited (PBL), digital media company IceTV continues to expand. The company, this week, announced a partnership with German product manufacturer Elgato Systems that will bring its Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to Macs.

The dirt on Web bugs

It's common practice. A message arrives in your inbox. You read it, realize that it may interest a friend, and pass it on accordingly. But be warned -- that simple, seemingly innocuous push of the forward button could be sending out more information than you think.

Schoolgirls challenge IT stereotype

The thought of robot programming typically conjures images of socially inept mathematical geniuses wearing coke-bottle glasses and pasty, CRT-tanned complexions. But one time, at IT camp, a 28-girl army shattered the traditional geek stereotype for good.

PayPal heads across the ditch

PayPal has finally reached across the Tasman to bridge the online trading space between Australia and our Kiwi neighbours. The New Zealand Dollar (NZD) was among ten new currencies added to the PayPal currency mix today.

iiNet sells subsidiary for $36m

Australian internet service provider iiNet yesterday announced the sale of its New Zealand subsidiary, ihug, to telecommunications giant Vodafone New Zealand for NZ$41 million (AU$36 million).

Norton 2007 products launched in Australia

Symantec this week launched the 2007 versions of its security products, Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security in Australia. The updated editions are expected to provide consumers with improved security technology and product performance.