Stories by Liz Tay

Is employee loyalty outdated?

The IT labour market in Australia has been through some turbulent times in the past decade. The market started out strong in the 1990s, with the dot-com era, millennium bug worries and Sydney 2000 Olympic Games contributing to a massive demand for IT skills. Good times were short-lived, however, as a market crash at the turn of the century left IT professionals disillusioned and unemployed.

Affiliate marketing scam spells trouble for Fairfax Digital

Australian new media giant Fairfax Digital has come under fire for its connections with a fraudulent search marketing campaign. The campaign, which drew traffic to Fairfax-owned by manipulating search engine results, has sparked debate on issues in the $1b affiliate marketing industry.

Can rethinking technology transform our economy?

It's not exactly a snail's pace, but Australia isn't really keeping up with global innovation either. Recent evaluation of 26 OECD nations has revealed that although Australia naturally lends itself to technological innovation, there is yet a way to go before the country's economy can fully capitalize on that potential.

Attracting commerce-minded devs to an open source business

Cool. Sassy. Hip. When New Zealand consultancy Catalyst IT started up in 1997, it had none of those attributes. What it did have, however, was a vision to make open source software the preferred option for local businesses, and it was that vision that eventually led to the company's current financial success.

The Web 2.0 advertising machine

If the mention of Web 2.0 social networks conjures images of tech-crazed teens navigating virtual worlds at breakneck speeds or screenshots of flowery pink blogs, think again.

Videoconferencing offers the world to a classroom

Twenty-five schools in fourteen countries around the world have been given a cultural infusion with the use of videoconferencing in the classroom. The schools are all a part of the Global Run Project, which aims to demonstrate how schools can integrate education and global awareness into existing curriculum.

Hyro virtually recruits in Second Life

In a move to enhance its digital portfolio and attract international talent, online services provider Hyro has expanded to the virtual world of Second Life.

Authoring program makes mobile marketing easy

New content delivery technology has been developed to improve advertising to consumers' mobile phones. Aimed at large lifestyle companies wanting to foster brand loyalty amongst the younger generation, Broadcaster enables advertisers to broadcast multimedia applications without using expensive mobile Web browsing or WAP.

Online music marketplace aims to improve consumer choice

Advances in multimedia capabilities of mobile phones have yielded a $17 billion market with huge opportunities for marketing and sales, but still there are too many service-imposed barriers that are retarding the uptake of mobile music videos and audio, according to New Zealand-based mobile content Web site

Broadening your IT skills by working overseas

If the sight of bright-eyed backpackers sinking freckled toes into our sand and surf has you pining for an overseas adventure, perhaps it is time to join some 900,000 Australians who the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade reports to be living and working overseas.