Stories by Liz Tay

Gardens Point Ruby.NET releases new Beta

Plans to create a true .NET compiler for Ruby source code are well underway, with developers in Queensland last week announcing the release of version 0.7 of the Gardens Point Ruby.NET software.

Job market's April fall

The IT job market has taken a downturn in the past month, with recruiter indexes reporting decreased demand for both consultants, and professionals with multimedia graphics, Internet and database expertise.

Arasor readies high speed wireless technology, awaits telco uptake

Australia may fall in the first-world category, but outside its major cities, there still exists a need for broadband infrastructure that is not dissimilar to the needs of developing nations China and India, according to Larry Marshall, managing director of Arasor in Australia.

BigPond enters new waters through Second life

Not to be left behind in the recent [[ArtId:1526139525|corporate uptake]] of Second Life, BigPond has launched a group of 11 in-game islands, and is now offering its users un-metered access to content in its virtual headquarters, as well as selected Linden Lab downloads.

Brickies, plumbers catching up to IT's salary rates, warns APESMA

A narrowing salary gap between professionals and blue-collar workers could be deterring young people from higher education, warns the Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia (APESMA), which on Friday called on the Australian Fair Pay Commission to conduct an urgent review of professional salary rates.

IT goes soft for career oriented women

Women in IT should take a more ambitious approach to their careers by seizing opportunities in an increasing demand for business people with soft skills, industry experts say.

Money talks in employee rewards

A market scarcity in skilled IT workers and increasing costs of living have been said to be leading factors in a shift in how Australian employees prefer to be rewarded for good work.

Internode expands VoIP offerings

South Australian broadband carrier Internode has launched the second generation of its VoIP service. The new service combines Internode's existing outbound-only calling capabilities with additional inbound features.

Australian businesses struggle to get social

Often touted as the inevitable next generation of the Internet, Web 2.0 technologies are fast gaining pervasion beyond the stereotypical MySpace teen. The question now is not if, but when, new social computing trends become an absolute realisation in the workplace, and the worry for businesses is: can we keep up?

CeBIT's Taranto douses anti-Government flames

CeBIT Australia organizer, Jackie Taranto, has poured cold water on reports of a falling out between the trade show and the Australian Government, following NSW Premier Morris Iemma's refusal to open this year's show.