Stories by Liz Tay

Bringing open source to the education sector

Liz Tay speaks with Kathryn Moyle, an Associate Professor at the University of Canberra and a former teacher who has worked in the South Australian Department of Education and Children's Services, about the role of open source in the education sector, and how policy makers, teachers, students and parents might overcome what she calls the hegemony of proprietary software.

How to maintain market pervasion - the SAP way

In a strategic move for dominance of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) space, SAP has come up with a training program that it hopes will guarantee its market pervasion for years to come.

The interpersonal key to survival in Australian IT

A steady stream of IT work being outsourced to offshore developers may be a rising concern for some professionals, but according to SAP executive John Lombard, the Australian workforce has nothing to fear.

Talk your way to better pay

IT salaries have been on a steady incline during the past year. While analysts and industry groups tout a nationwide shortage of suitably skilled candidates, a resource boom and widespread uptake of technology is driving the job market up and up.

UTS tags podcasting as future teaching tool

In response to student demand for more flexible learning options, the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) is investigating the use of online technologies to supplement, or replace, lectures of the future.

Web host turns to Gmail in Microsoft boycott

In a move that could alienate it from a lion's share of free e-mail account holders, Canadian Web host GaltGroup Internet Services has turned its back on Windows Live Hotmail - as well as all the products, services and partners of Hotmail's parent company, Microsoft.

Scientists cash in on fixing spreadsheet errors

Spreadsheets are a tool commonly used by businesses to track everything from payroll to accounts receivable. However, experts claim, there could be erroneous code, programming or formulae in spreadsheets that is costing businesses billions of dollars.

Bring our talent home, AIIA panellists say

Discussions of Australia's value proposition at the AIIA Borderless World Conference yesterday inevitably centred on what panellists agreed was the country's greatest advantage: talent.

Finger lengths could point out technophobia

The measurements of a person's ring and index fingers may come in handy in the early identification of developmental disorders, career paths, and behaviourial issues such as technophobia, psychologists claim.

Headhunters shake up a candidate-short market

At a glance, it seems conditions are ripe for active recruitment to take hold of the Australian IT industry. As skilled professionals bask in an opportunity-rich environment, recruiters are fast coming to terms with new laws of the jungle: poach, or get poached from.

CISSP certification gets tougher

(ISC)² has announced changes in the professional experience and endorsement requirements for its Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.