Stories by Doug Lewis

After the layoff

Takeovers and mergers, let alone cutbacks, can bring a job to an unexpected and abrupt end. Honing skills in the job search builds confidence when it's most needed andd increases the hit rate. CIO Doug Lewis looks at the steps

Getting the right fit

"Take This Job and Shove It," Johnny Paycheck sang in 1977. He was expressing the frustration of being trapped in a really bad job and offering a rather caustic solution to the situation.

Fixing Morale Problems

In the failing IT organization, you'll find that morale stinks worse than week-old roadkill. IT staffers have been repeatedly characterized as losers, and it has sunk in. People who think they're losers will act like losers. People who act like losers perform like losers, and the hole gets deeper and deeper. You need to break the cycle. The best way to break a losing cycle is with a success.