Stories by Robert Mitchell

Extreme energy makeover for the home office

Do you know how much your home office costs? I'm not talking about the price you paid for the equipment (you probably do know that amount). Rather, I mean how much of a financial and environmental burden it is to you and your community on an ongoing basis.

Setting up a home storage network

With five computers in my home/office, I told myself, the last thing I need is to add a shared network storage device to the clutter. But I had been eyeing these systems with interest for some time, hoping prices would come down. Now, with retail sticker prices for consumer versions now around US$200 for 250GB or more of shared disk space, it was time to take a serious look at what these devices can do for the small office and home office user.

Recovery specialists revive dead data

The urgent need to recover digital data after disasters like hard drive failures and power outages has remained largely unaltered since companies entered the Electronic Age. What has changed is the greater complexity of the devices that fail and their increased media capacity, according to specialists from Ontrack Data Recovery. Computerworld's Robert L. Mitchell spoke with Todd Johnson, vice president of operations, and Mike Burmeister, director of engineering for data recovery, about how data recovery has changed and what users can do to avoid having to call Ontrack in the first place.

Ethernet's power play

As network devices proliferate, so does the need for power access. Robert Mitchell looks at where the standards are heading.