Stories by Jeffrey L. Seglin

When Worlds Collide

Several months back, I was approached by the creators of a website that had been started by people with a technology background. They wanted to know if I'd write an article for them. It sounded interesting, and I tentatively agreed. "Great," they said. "We'll mail you a contract." And sure enough they did.

Is Big Brother a Big Brother?

A friend of mine refuses to answer her e-mail at work. She's read about employees getting fired for inappropriate e-mail use at companies including, but not limited to, the St. Louis-based stock brokerage of Edward Jones and America's newspaper of record, The New York Times. It's not that she has any plans to send off inappropriate e-mail or get caught in a web of company secrets being routed to competitors. No, for her the horror stories are daunting enough. She's not willing to risk being innocently drawn into something that could cost her her job. So e-mails to her go unanswered, compromising her workplace productivity. If she needs to follow up, she'll make a phone call or walk to the sender's office.