Stories by Don Tennant

Guest column: Doing well, doing good not mutually exclusive

I'll be the first to admit that being in this business for any appreciable time makes you a little jaded. The non-stop bombardment of vendor hype and marketing spin, combined with the relentless, merciless cascade of PR drivel, is enough to turn anybody into a crotchety old cynic.
But occasionally something refreshing comes to light and you're reminded that there's a reason why people are attracted to the IT profession, whether it's as a user, a supplier, a service provider, an analyst or even a journalist observing it all from the outside. It helps you to regain your perspective and to remember that all the hype, spin and drivel aside, there's a lot of good that's being accomplished in the IT realm.

Guest column: Netscape escape caper

It was one of my toughest cases. And I've had some tough ones. I'm a dick. I've been one for a long time. Excuse me? No, no, no, come on. It's slang for "detective" or "private investigator."