Stories by Don Tennant

IT market guru predicts 'spectacular crash'

World-renown information technology pundit Dr James Martin says overvalued dot-com stocks will cause a "spectacular crash" due to the inevitability of a market correction.

The story behnd Powerlan's aquisition of CSSL

It's going to be interesting to see how the media and the Hong Kong IT grapevine paint the startling acquisition of a revered Hong Kong systems remarketer by an upstart IT services provider in Australia.

Powerlan expands into Hong Kong

Powerlan, a local IT services company, has expanded regionally with the acquisition of Hong Kong-based Commercial Software Services Ltd. (CSSL).

Interview: Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

With Forrester Research Inc. predicting that the emerging application service provider (ASP) market will be worth US$6.4 billion by 2001, few companies are more ideally positioned to capitalize on that explosive growth than Citrix Systems Inc., the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based outfit whose world revolves around application-sever technology.

Guest column: Where networking vendors are destined to fail

Americans talk a lot about "freedom". In fact, Americans tend to exercise a great deal of freedom in defining their concept of freedom, so that the concept seems rather alien not only to undemocratic societies, but to other democratic societies as well.

Guest column: Papows never hid in shadows of anonymous e-mail

It had to happen. The very week that my interview with Lotus Development CEO Jeff Papows was posted on the IDG news wire under the headline "Papows: Classy, competent and clued-in," the Wall Street Journal ran a page 1 piece on Papows that is unquestionably the most disparaging character portrayal I've seen in nearly nine years in this job.