Stories by James Evans

Microsoft Files Brief to Supreme Court

Microsoft Corp. Wednesday filed a brief to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to allow the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to review its antitrust case.

Qualcomm to Spin Off Chip Business

Qualcomm Inc. said Tuesday that it will spin off its integrated circuits and system software business and put its focus on developing CDMA (Code Division multiple Access) technology and the meshing of wireless data applications and Internet access.

ATI Takes Blame for Apple Leak

BOSTON (07/24/2000) - ATI Technologies Inc. said Monday that it is taking
responsibility for letting the cat out of the bag on some of Apple Computer
Inc.'s new Macs prior to Steve Jobs' news-rich keynote speech at MacWorld Expo
last week.

Sun, Comverse in Pact for Unified Messaging

Comverse Network Systems, a division of Comverse Technology Inc., will forge an alliance with Sun Microsystems Inc. to bring Internet applications to a range of global communication companies, the companies announced Monday.

Motion Picture, Music Industries Sue Scour

Another lawsuit can be added to the battle raging over
copyright infringement on the Internet. The Motion Picture Association of
America (MPAA), the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the
National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) filed suit Thursday in a federal
district court in New York against Scour Inc. alleging copyright infringement.

Microsoft Browser Update Offers Cookie Control

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday announced a beta version of
its new Internet Explorer version 5.5 browser that will let users know when and
what kind of cookies are being received by their computers.

MP3Board Files Countersuit Against RIAA

MP3Board Inc. filed a countersuit against the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on Tuesday in U.S. federal court seeking a remedy for RIAA's alleged role in temporarily shutting down MP3Board's Web site.

HP Offers Enterprise Portal-Building Services

BOSTON (07/18/2000) - Hewlett-Packard Co. Tuesday announced the availability of
software and consulting assistance for the Corporate Yahoo electronic services
portal that allows companies to develop a home page with internal and external

Judge Blocks Blacklisting

BOSTON (07/18/2000) - A Federal Court judge in Chicago Tuesday issued a
temporary restraining order against a nonprofit anti-spam group, prohibiting it
from blacklisting an e-mail marketing company with a 12 million e-mail account

Cisco Invests US$100M in Liberate

BOSTON (07/17/2000) - Cisco Systems Inc. announced Monday that it will invest
US$100 million in interactive television software maker Liberate Technologies.

Cisco invests $US100m in Liberate

Cisco Systems announced yesterday that it will invest $US100 million in interactive television software maker Liberate Technologies.

Toysmart Case Spurs U.S. Privacy Debate -- Again

BOSTON (07/12/2000) - Inc.'s recent legal problems over its plan
to sell consumer data have prompted the introduction of federal legislation,
but also pointed to how it takes a flare-up to fan the flames of debate for
Internet privacy laws in the U.S.