Stories by Rohan Pearce


LandMark White data posted on darkweb forum

Property valuation firm LandMark White says its decision to yesterday request the ASX pause trading of its shares came as it sought “clarity” around the impact of a data breach on its services.

CHAD hits the road: Queensland researchers to AI for cars

Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology will stage a three-month, 1200-kilometre road trip to help assess how automated driving systems cope with lane markings, traffic lights and street signs as well as the limitations of GPS in areas where only a patchy signal is available.

LandMark White blames exposed API for data breach

Property valuer LandMark White Limited has blamed an exposed API for the leak of a dataset that included property valuation details and contact information of a range of individuals held by the company.

Defence taps Leidos for key data project

The government has appointed Leidos Australia as the prime system integrator for a project intended to make it easier to search, access and analyse data on the Defence Secret Network (DSN).