Stories by David Moschella

Larry Ellison to IT: You're becoming obsolete

"The fact of the matter for Oracle applications is we do want to sell to business people as opposed to IT people. We think it is a little bit strange that business people aren't involved in this stuff. They, quote, 'can't understand it.' (We say), 'Well, no problem, Mr. Customer, you need to hire some people who speak technospeak. If you want to buy our products, you have to hire people who are experts in talking to us.' And we think this is kind of the old way of doing things -- that it's so complicated to get the infrastructure up and running, you need this army of professionals.
"In this new generation, we can now say this is how our purchasing works and we talk to the purchasing people. The business people are the ones who should understand what we are selling and the ones who should make the decision to buy or not buy," said Oracle Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Larry Ellison at his Internet World press conference on October 5.

Microsoft is losing its monopoly

One of the many ironies of the Microsoft antitrust trial is that its duration seems destined to coincide precisely with the realisation that monopoly power in the IT industry is on its way out.

Guest column: Business lessons from the portal merger mania

These are certainly heady times in the portal business. This year, we have already seen industry leader Yahoo acquiring GeoCities and announcing a major alliance with Fox, @Home Network's bid to acquire Excite and, most recently, the planned merger between USA Networks and Lycos.