Stories by Johna Till Johnson

Carriers need to get a clue on VoIP services

I often remind equipment vendors that to sell to telcos they need to make two sales: First, sell the equipment the carrier thinks it wants; and second, sell the equipment that the carrier actually wants once it gets around to figuring out what its customers want. In other words, carriers often seem to be uniquely out of touch when it comes to understanding marketplace needs.

Opinion: Cell phones and RFID: Two great tastes, together

You've heard a lot recently about radio frequency identification technologies and how they let companies track their wares more efficiently. Most notably, Wal-Mart Stores and the U.S. Department of Defense have mandated RFID support from their suppliers, a move that's certain to drive strong investment in the technology going forward - at least among manufacturing and distribution companies.

Opinion: The hidden costs of remote and mobile workers

The dramatic increase in bandwidth to remote and mobile users is big news for IT executives who manage WANs and telecom. Recent research findings from Nemertes highlight these trends: Not only are 87 percent of workers now remote (defined as being in branch or remote offices rather than headquarters), but remote-access voice and data services are consuming an ever-growing percentage of the telecom budget -- 30 percent and more.

A whole new ball game

The definition of telecomms “service providers” is undergoing a fundamental change. That’s actually a consequence of a broader and deeper shift: namely, the definition of “communication” itself is changing fundamentally.

Sanity clauses for contracts

IT managers hard at work negotiating next year’s telephone company contracts should make sure they include ‘sanity clauses’ to ensure your company gets the telco’s undivided attention.

Maximising service providers

Recently I heard words I never thought would come from the mouth of a telco executive: "We like to provide bandwidth when we can, but we're a managed services provider."

Managing across the voice-data divide

One of the most interesting issues to emerge from the IP telephony research we’ve done at Nemertes Research is the challenge of getting voice and data teams to work together. Part of the problem is political: IP telephony often has been positioned as a way to eliminate all those “useless” voice specialists from within IT organisations.

State of the Web services world

Nemertes Research LLC worked with 45 companies to benchmark how they're deploying Web services, what benefit they're achieving, and how they're measuring and monitoring the performance of these services.

Despite criticism, MPLS is here to stay

There has been a lot of discussion about whether Multi-protocol Label Switching is good or bad for the Internet. It's been called a social disease, something that should never be allowed on the 'Net, a disaster waiting to happen.

IP VPNs: When, where and why

Every few years the concept of IP VPNs gets a lot of press. The idea is simple: A company can use one infrastructure (an IP network) to connect branch offices, headquarters, remote users, and third parties such as suppliers and customers.