Stories by Chris Talbot

Nortel targets content service providers

Nortel Networks Ltd. has launched a suite of new products under its Personal Internet initiative at the end of January with the goal of enabling companies to create end-to-end personalized content delivery services.

Black Box set for sunny take-off

Through a partnership with Sun Microsystems Inc., MuTek Solutions Ltd. of Or-Yehuda, Israel, launched a version of its Black Box Flight Recorder tool for the Solaris operating environment in February.

CA's new AMO 3.1 supports PDAs

Computer Associates International Inc. has some bad news for employees who like to play games on their workstations: Not only can its Unicenter TNG Asset Management Option (AMO) 3.1 tool make sure devices comply with corporate configuration settings - it can delete software not listed in those configurations.

IDC: Vendors lagging in delivery of wireless services

A new report from International Data Corp. (IDC) Canada indicates that corporations are ready to embrace wireless data services but that they are getting impatient with the tortoise pace at which vendors are moving to launch such services.

Cisco aims to catch up in optical game

Cisco Systems launched two new service provider platforms in January under its IP+Optical strategy, but one analyst says the company is still playing catch-up in the optical networking market.