Stories by Dev Zaborav

Want good security? Write good code

Recently, a friend of mine was on the phone with a potential customer. The customer was asking questions about some very hypothetical attacks to see if the security product my friend's company had built would respond to them. Eventually, he answered no, the product didn't have a built-in response to these attacks. The customer asked why it didn't...and he replied, "Because we write good code in the first place."

Working together for security

Recently, a new and dangerous worm was discovered in the wild. The SQLsnake worm, which attacks Microsoft's SQL databases, has been making waves as it runs through the Internet, and may well become the next Code Red if it continues unchecked. This worm has already compromised several thousand servers.

What kind of firewall do you need?, Part 1

Most of us have heard of firewalls. For those who haven't, a firewall is a machine that acts as a sentry, blocking certain kinds of network traffic and allowing others. Several kinds of firewalls are available and each has its merits and drawbacks. The key to successfully implementing a firewall is finding the kind of firewall that best suits a particular network's needs.