Stories by Stephen Lee

Vendors eye VoIP security

Network vendors will release a flurry of VoIP (voice over IP) security products in 2002, sparking IP telephony adoption by easing fears of malicious intrusions or DoS (denial of service) attacks, according to a recent study by The Yankee Group Inc. research firm.

VoIP to find receptive ears in 2002

The slow but steady adoption rate of VoIP (voice over IP) technology will continue in 2002, but could get an additional boost as more enterprises catch on to the administration and application payoffs offered by the technology.

Cisco looks for recovery

Although the networking market may get worse before it gets better, all signs suggest that the industry is slowly finding its feet again, according to Cisco Systems Inc. President and CEO John Chambers, who spoke at the company's Worldwide Analyst Conference in Santa Clara, Calif.

Cisco launches COMET optical portfolio

Aiming at the metro edge, metro core, service point of presence (PoP), and long-haul transport markets, Cisco Systems Inc. introduced a new portfolio of solutions named COMET (Complete Optical Multiservice Edge and Transport) on Tuesday.

3Com says its taking switch customers from Cisco

3Com on Monday released a 48-port version of its SuperStack 3 Switch 4400, claiming it to be the market's first 48-port switch with Layer 4 switching capabilities, which enables the switch to route traffic based on information contained in the transport layer.

Agilent readies all-in-one network testing tool

Seeking to combine both cable and application testing functionality in one handheld device, Agilent Technologies. On Monday announced a new solution that the company is billing as an all-in-one testing tool for enterprise users.

Tivoli, SAP team up on management and data protection

IBM's Tivoli Systems network management division on Monday released five new products that will support ERP (enterprise resource planning) software maker SAP AG's enterprise solutions. Specifically, the new products have been designed to deliver lifecycle management, data backup, and data recovery features.

Calendra unveils LDAP app dev tools

In an attempt to streamline LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) database access, French content management vendor Calendra on Tuesday released Version 3.0 of its Directory Manager solution.

NetScaler releases traffic management solutions

In an attempt to help companies realize greater returns on their existing network infrastructures, NetScaler Inc., the Santa Clara, California-based traffic management company, on Monday launched its Request Switch 6000 series of products, which are designed to support high-density Web site traffic flows by analyzing incoming data at the request level.

Managing outsourced data streams

At one time even customer-facing Web sites were nothing more than HTML brochures. As Web sites have become increasingly complex, more and more companies are turning to outsourced partners to handle services such as caching, content feeds, and secure credit card transactions.

3Com carves Bluetooth, 802.11 strategy

3Com Corp. will not endorse either the Bluetooth or the 802.11 wireless standard if it means neglecting the other one, according to company officials.

Neoteris marries VPN and extranet technology

In a play to combine the best features of VPN and extranet technology, startup Neoteris on Monday announced a set of devices aimed at providing secure remote access to corporate resources.