Stories by Joris Evers.

Government should control 'Net, Kaspersky says

Governments of the world have to take control of the Internet to save it from buckling under the increasing pressure of worms, viruses and other cyberattacks, Eugene Kaspersky, head of antivirus research at Kaspersky Labs Ltd. of Moscow said.

Baan pushes business intelligence wares

Baan Co. NV will push its business intelligence products to customers worldwide under a new initiative called "Measure Up" that the software maker plans to announce Wednesday at the CeBIT trade show in Hanover, Germany.

Web services are next IT storm, Forrester CEO says

Forrester Research Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) George Colony on his first visit to Hanover, Germany, stepped on familiar territory, proclaiming Web services will be the next big thing in IT.

Newly leaked Longhorn shows no big advances yet

A second build of the successor to Microsoft's Windows XP appeared on the Internet late last week but Windows watchers who tested the software don't see major advances to get excited about yet.