Stories by Sharon Fisher

Cisco dumps EMC products

With little fanfare, Cisco Systems has put the brakes on a reseller agreement it has with EMC to rebrand its network-attached storage (NAS) arrays.

Sun enhances NAS, touts improved performance

Sun Microsystems Tuesday unveiled a new network-attached storage (NAS) system with a 55 percent improvement in performance over the previous model, but it isn't yet formally announcing its long-awaited Honeycomb storage system.

StoneFly adds RAID 6 to products

StoneFly Inc. has become the latest in a number of vendors to support of RAID 6: the capability to have two disks fail in an array without losing data.

Users unfazed by Symantec's $US1B tax bill

Users say they're not overly concerned with the almost $US1 billion tax bill Symantec was slapped with after acquiring storage software vendor Veritas Software last year. But at least one analyst said it could affect spending at the company, as well as what users will choose for backup software in the future.

SNW - Cisco adds 13-slot device to storage line

Cisco Systems this week added a new member to its MDS 9500 Series line of directors -- the Cisco MDS 9513 Multilayer Director, which it said can enable users to build denser storage networks.