Stories by Sharon Fisher

Exabyte gets gobbled up

Tape storage systems maker Exabyte announced Wednesday that it is being purchased by professional storage vendor Tandberg Data for approximately US$28 million.

Riverbed delivers new optimization software

Riverbed Technology Monday announced a new version of software for its WAN optimization devices. The Riverbed Optimization System, or RiOS software, which entered Version 3.0 Monday, makes it easier for network administrators to get quality-of-service (QOS) data about their networks.

IBM unveils high-end, midrange storage arrays

IBM this week brought out upgrades to its high-end and midrange storage arrays, along with a new line of high-end appliance and gateway storage offerings manufactured by Network Appliance.

Snakes on a SAN? Make room

Whether traveling as Pacific Air Flight 121 or under its eventual and well-loved title Snakes on a Plane, this week's most talked-about movie required serious silicon in addition to Samuel L. Jackson and all those reptiles. Pacific Title & Art Studio, which created the end credits and some of the movie's visual effects, spent more than US$1 million this year upgrading its storage systems so it can better work on films such as the action hit.

NASA puts NetApp in the back seat

NASA's Solar Data Analysis Center is changing out its network attached storage (NAS) from Network Appliance for what it described as a more agile set of arrays from Pillar Data Systems to make it easier for the organization to study the sun.

EMC links security, content management

EMC has integrated content and digital rights management software from two of its acquisitions in an effort to give companies better control over their data, even if the information is sent outside the corporate firewall.

Attention all storage vendors: The U.S. DOJ wants you

The U.S. Department of Justice is considering a massive consolidation of its storage network that would link more than 2,000 offices and multiple data centers into a single, easy-to-manage enterprise storage architecture.

EMC touts future low-end storage products

EMC will be announcing a new family of low-end storage products -- both above and below the Clariion AX150 it announced in April -- using partnerships with Intel and NEC.

NetApp targets SMBs with multiprotocol array

In a stark downstream shift, Network Appliance on Monday announced a multiprotocol array that's aimed at businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees and starts at US$5,000 for 1TB of capacity.

EMC plans to offer data classification

EMC plans to provide users with data classification functionality, a move that could presage another wave of mergers and deals with storage industry start-ups.

Oil and gas company digs IP storage

Facing enormous data growth and a backup window wall, oil and gas exploration company Cypress E&P is again in the midst of upgrading an IP-attached storage system -- just 18 months after turning to the technology to replace its direct-attached storage.