Stories by Geneva Sapp

eCredit Expedites Online Financing

While credit cards may be the preferred method of payment for e-commerce sites, many customers are gun-shy about whipping out their credit cards for high-price tag -- $500, $5,000, or even $100,000 -- items. And doing business internationally means e-tailers and business-to-business sites need another payment method than credit cards, which are seldom used.

Global E-commerce Services Are Launched

VYING TO be international online gateways for electronic commerce, two companies, Global CommerceZone and Capstan Systems, have both announced services aimed at global e-commerce.

Vendors Tackle Global Trade

Vying to be international online trade gateways, two companies, Global CommerceZone Inc. and Capstan Systems Inc., are promoting services aimed at global e-commerce.

E-business Service Denied

The damage caused by this week's spate of DoS (denial of service) attacks on high-profile Web sites was greater than just revenue losses and disenchanted consumers. With the government, the FBI, and IT vendors all attempting to deal with the issues raised by the attacks, the assaults underlined the fragility of Internet infrastructures and acted as a blaring wake-up call to IT managers, who need to be increasingly vigilant in protecting their networks.

Extensity unveils new hosted application service

Taking another bite out of the ripe ASP (application service provider) market, Extensity on Tuesday announced a hosted service for its customers to access its applications on a monthly, per-user subscription basis.

UPS Hatches E-Ventures

UNITED PARCEL Service of America (UPS) branched out from package delivery to e-commerce start-up delivery Monday with e-Ventures, a new subsidiary serving as UPS's e-business research, development, and incubation arm.

Vertical Markets Nearing Hypergrowth

While the initial wave of business-to-business e-commerce leveraged extranets to automate offline processes, the next wave of dynamic interactions is supplanting stagnant point-to-point connections of the past, most prominently in vertical marketplaces.

Avnet to Employ Bluestone in Supply Chain

Avnet, a distributor of electronic components and computer products, on Monday signed a global site license for application service provider Bluestone's Sapphire/Web Application Server and XML Suite Integration Server.

GE Capital Breaks into Online B-to-B Financing

Financial services company GE Capital announced Monday the March beta release of GE NetReport, the first module of its new business-to-business e-commerce Web site called GE Business Marketplace.

Women Recognized for Technology, Web Contributions

Women on the Web (WOW), a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting the participation and leadership of women on the Web, Monday night honored the top 25 women who have made a significant contribution to the advancement of technology and to the advancement of women in technology-related fields.

Pivotal Rings in E-biz Relationship Management

In a bid to be the first to exploit Windows 2000's launch this month, Pivotal has introduced eRelationship 2000, an upgrade to its Internet application suite for e-business relationship management.

AudioTalk, eFusion Ring VOIP

Looking to capitalize on the demand for integrated voice-and-data call center applications, ASPs (application service provider) AudioTalk Networks and eFusion last week announced new real-time VOIP (voice over IP) turnkey services. Both services offer hybrid phone and PC access: PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone, and phone-to-phone.

eC-T Spins Localized Web

Defying the trend of faceless conglomerates, optimized supply chains, and the homogenization of the e-business marketplace, eC-T (e-Commerce Technology), a Web service company specializing in developing Internet-commerce strategies for local markets, plans to expand into the United States.

AltaVista Ventures into B-to-B

AltaVista Co. will announce this week the launch of a new global business-to-business e-commerce unit called AltaVista Business Solutions, focused on developing search technology for e-commerce firms, private label portals, and global enterprises.