Stories by Emil Abirascid

Free 'Net access from Telecom Italia

Telecom Italia's Internet division, Telecom Italia Net, has announced that it will start to offer free Internet access to Italian users. This move comes after other two Italian telecommunication companies, Tiscali and Infostrada, started to offer free access nationwide.

Mobile Phones Exceed Wired Ones in Italy

The mobile phone craze has reached a new benchmark in Italy: There are now more mobile handsets than conventional, wired telephones.
While the number of fixed-line phones has barely budged from 25.2 million in years, according to the Telecommunications Authority in Italy, the number of mobile subscribers has grown rapidly.

Italy's Barriers to Internet Are Falling

Barriers to use of the Internet in Italy are rapidly falling, and the number of Italian Internet users is expected to grow very quickly in the coming months.
For quite some time, access to the Internet for Italians was difficult and expensive, with too few points of presence, especially in rural areas; high costs of Internet subscriptions; a low installed base of PCs, and metered local phone calls.
Now the situation is changing rapidly as each of these barriers tumbles down.