Stories by Jim Lanzalotto

Bright spots for tech in a dark economic picture

The state of today's economy has triggered many economists, job experts and hiring managers to warn of layoffs and hiring contractions, and tech pros themselves have become skeptical about job security and future opportunities. Despite these concerns, the outlook for US employment, particularly in the tech sector, is not as dismal as some fortunetellers would lead us to believe.

Despite recession, it's still a good time to be in IT

April's US Bureau of Labor Statistics report on unemployment suggests that the lackluster economy may be on the upswing. Although jobs fell by 20,000 and the unemployment rate dipped to 5 per cent, those figures were much lower than expected.

Get the job you want

Results from Computerworld's recent jobs survey and the Q3 results from the Yoh Index of Technology Wages are a must-read for anyone in the IT industry. The surveys show some common trends, in both salary and hiring data.

Head back to school to make the grade

Remember when going back to school meant stocking up on pencils, erasers and notebooks? Sadly, for IT professionals, those days are long gone. In their place, we have the daily work grind, where returning to school means investing time, money and energy in continuing professional education.

How to narrow IT's gender gap

What do women want? Sigmund Freud asked this question a century ago; he never answered it. Unfortunately, IT managers are asking this same question today about women in the technology workforce, and they don't have an answer either.

High-impact tech talent in high demand

It's no secret that today's hiring managers need high-impact talent with technical skills and practitioners with domain and industry knowledge. However, the demand for these professionals is quickly draining the talent pipeline. Simply put, there aren't enough candidates with the necessary skills to fill the number of positions available in today's IT job market.