Stories by Cory Johnson

Baby, it's cold inside

There's a ridiculous yet tempting notion infecting investors right now: It's the idea that many stocks are so cheap that they have got to be worth buying. Cisco Systems and Sun Microsystems . have fallen below US$20, Oracle $15, Ariba .$10 ... the list goes on. But in a market defined by its lack of buyers, an alarming phenomenon suggests things will get even worse.

Just in time

An odd sight has appeared on the new-economy landscape. Amid the firing electrons, cocktail-napkin business plans, whiteboard reorganizations, and yes, the pink slips, there is something distinctly old economy creeping up: piles of stuff. Inventory - the very thing the new economy was supposed to eliminate - has become a major burden.

Daytrading Defined

What is a daytrader? The term has been thrown around to the point where no one bothers to lay out its meaning.

The Wireless Monster

"For what we are about to see next, we must enter quietly into the realm ... of genius!"