Stories by John Gallant

Avaya CEO: How video will change business world

Last Wednesday, Avaya, Inc. made a splash in New York City with a portfolio of new collaboration products, including the Flare Experience multimedia conferencing system, a new tablet designed to support the Flare software and the web.alive (stet) virtual reality meeting service, among other offerings. In the latest installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, IDGE Chief Content Officer John Gallant talked with Avaya leader Kevin Kennedy about the company's collaboration strategy, how the new products change the competitive battle with Microsoft Corp. and Cisco Systems, Inc., and what it's going to take to make video a part of everyday life for business users.

Chambers part 3: Proprietary and the cloud

In the third and final part of an in-depth interview with John Gallant, Scot Finnie, and Editor-in-Chief Eric Knorr, Cisco’s John Chambers discusses the proprietary issue and cloud computing opportunities.

Chambers: Networking's changing competitive landscape

In the second instalment of an in-depth interview, John Chambers talks with John Gallant, Scot Finnie, and Editor-in-Chief Eric Knorr about the changing competitive landscape, Cisco’s datacentre strategy and its relationship with HP.

Chambers: How I'll make Cisco into IT's biggest player

By almost any measure, Cisco Systems is the biggest fish in the networking pond. Thanks to more than 130 acquisitions, a brisk pace of internal development and a much-discussed new organizational structure that the company is using to attack a slew of new markets, Cisco's reach extends from the consumer to the enterprise and deep into service provider networks. The company offers everything from personal video cameras to high-end telepresence systems, set-top video boxes to, lately, servers for the data center, in addition to more traditional network gear like routers and switches.

Examining the CSO-CEO relationship

A key relationship in any organization with an effective security strategy is that between the CSO and the CEO, who must work together to ensure that security investments are mapped to the changing risk landscape. Network World President and Editorial Director John Gallant asked BT Radianz Acting CEO Laurie Bowen and CSO Lloyd Hession, via e-mail, to discuss how they handle this challenge at the financial-services industry connectivity provider. Hession and BT Radianz CFO Larry Kinsella are scheduled to share their thoughts on stage at The Security Standard conference, which takes place in Boston on Sept. 6 and 7.

Why complexity is the next killer app

One question I'm asked fairly often is: what's the next killer app? The concept of the killer app has a powerful hold on our collective psychology. We want to believe that the entire market can be propelled forward by the next must-have technology that spawns a new generation of industry leaders and reshapes our lives. The spreadsheet, LANs, mobile phones, e-mail, the Web and so on. Absent the next killer app, the market stagnates.

Network World Hits the Big Screen, Babe

"Hey, babe, I've got a couple of primo screenplays in development, so why don't you have your people call my people and we'll do a deal over lunch at Spago's."

All Hands on Deck for Our Broadband Access Debate

A few weeks ago, I challenged AT&T Corp., MCI WorldCom Inc., SBC Communications Inc., Qwest Communications International Inc. and Nextlink Communications Inc. to take part in a presidential-style debate on broadband access that I'm staging at NetWorld+Interop in Las Vegas. (I love doing these debates so much that some colleagues call me Network World's Chief Roundtable Officer. It has a nice ring to it, no?)

Open Challenge to the Broadband Access Purveyors

Like you, I want to know how to break the WAN bottleneck that throttles our data traffic, sidelines convergence plans and chokes e-business applications. I want to know how digital subscriber line (DSL), cable, fixed wireless and native LAN services will or will not get me to broadband nirvana. That's why I'm staging the Broadband Access Showdown debate on Tuesday, May 9 at NetWorld+ Interop in Las Vegas.

Column: Our great Linux debate is ready for prime time

If you're considering Linux for your enterprise, I've got a holiday gift for you.
Last month, I challenged four leading Linux providers to take part in Network World's Linux Showdown at the Linux World Conference & Expo in New York in February. Caldera, TurboLinux and SuSE all accepted and will be sending top executives to this special presidential-style debate.

Guest column: Intel inside -- your network, that is

While it is fashionable in the venture capital community to talk about the "saturation" of the enterprise network market, or the slowing of innovation there, there's one big industry player that doesn't buy into the notion: Intel.

Column: Intel Inside -- Your Network, That Is

While it is fashionable in the venture capital community to talk about the "saturation" of the enterprise network market, or the slowing of innovation there, there's one big industry player that doesn't buy into the notion: Intel.
Under CEO Craig Barrett, Intel is quickly transforming itself from a microprocessor company into a beefy contender battling Cisco and 3Com in the market for midsize and small corporate nets.