Stories by Kenneth Li

The Net's New Urban Hood

In another life, producer George Jackson brought break-dancing and hip-hop culture from the South Bronx to Main Street with films like Krush Groove and New Jack City. Now, he's looking to do the same, via the Internet.

Waiting for NBCi To Catch Fire

It looks like a winning combination: NBC, a powerhouse media brand for decades, and a lower-case "i" - representing all the promise of the interactive future.

Pseudo Gets New CEO

TV veteran David Bohrman is taking over as the new chief executive at online broadcast network Pseudo Programs today, as clear sign that the unconventional company is seeking mainstream respectability.

10 to Watch: Geraldine Laybourne

How does one begin to crack the code behind convergence, the holy grail whereby the Internet and television blur indistinguishably into one?

Seven Against One

The first deal of the Internet Century is as much noted for the team of old and new media players it brings together as for its size and scope. Indeed, looking at the dais at the New York press conference announcing the deal, one question loomed: Are there too many cooks in the kitchen? Here's a look at the chefs behind AOL Time Warner Inc.

Amazon Goes Kozmic

The Internet-based delivery service has landed an estimated $120 million in strategic financing from a blue-ribbon panel of investors led by Inc., sources familiar with the deal say.

Pillar Changes Channels to CBS

In a move to play catch-up among the big three networks, CBS has lured veteran Internet executive Russ Pillar to become the CEO and president of CBS Internet Group, the company's recently formed new-media division.