Stories by Kelly Mills

Auto supplier gears up for expansion

Investment in a new retail management system was 'critical" for the continued growth of automotive parts, tools and accessories retailer Super Cheap Auto.

CA and Baltimore partner for e-business

The Australian operations of global e-security solutions company Baltimore Technologies and Computer Associates have formed a partnership to deliver solutions for the e-business marketplace.

Demand heats up for business analysts

A shortage of quality technical and senior business analysts is confronting employers in the banking and insurance sectors, according to IT recruitment specialist sources.

After the hype ASPs strengthen their role

Despite premature hype and many false starts the concept of application service providers (ASPs) in the marketplace as a viable solution is slowly gaining strength.

Users wary about metadata standards timing

Standardisation of metadata within Australia will be rapidly adopted for most databases and data warehouses within the next 18 months, according to Unisys Australia.

Jury's out on GST's impact on contract rates, demand

IT recruiters voiced mixed opinions last week on the GST's likely impact on demand for contractors and contracting rates Perry Siacris, IT consultant for Drake, speculates contractor rates will drop between $5 to $10 post-GST, as supply will outweigh demand.

PMP slashes $10m a year from e-procurement bill

The success of "layering" a new e-commerce solution over existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems will result in an estimated $10 million-a-year saving for PMP Communications.