Stories by Kelly Mills

BI the renaissance of CRM

Australian companies are taking the next step in CRM and leveraging on the intelligence and data that is collected during transactions, according to analysts Frost & Sullivan.

Defence outguns IT hopes

Information technology took a back seat in 2002-2003 Federal Budget, with border protection and the war on terrorism making Defence the big winner.

IBM drops Intel high-end server

Users of IBM's eServer x430 and earlier Sequent Computer Systems-based servers will have to migrate to other systems as a result of Big Blue's decision to ditch the technology.

Emergency service turns to wireless

Following Victoria's lead, the Ambulance Service of NSW will make the leap from paper to the latest wireless technologies in the pursuit of improved patient care.

ESM a minefield

A very fine line determines whether enterprise systems management (ESM) solutions are the eighth wonder of the world or the kiss of death.

Vague about middleware? Watch its bite

Middleware may turn out to be the villain of the decade for IT professionals who face turbulent times if they relax their gaze, according to analysts.