Stories by Kelly Mills

IBM Australia turns 70

When IBM started in Australia in 1932, it had 10 employees, £20,000 in the bank and sold scales and time recording equipment. Now, 70 years later, it employs about 10,000 people and has annual revenues of $3.3 billion.

Starting from scratch ...

Imagine sitting in an empty office, with only your PDA, considering the conundrum of being tasked to design, build, test and implement Australia's first mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) GSM carrier service. Daunted? Well, imagine if you also had to design, build, test and implement an entire set of corporate infrastructure systems as well as hire the staff to do it - all within a six-month timeframe?

National guidelines for IT on their way

Standards Australia is developing new national guidelines for IT governance and project management because current standards are costing industry billions of dollars a year.

Games people play put projects at risk

Lies, deceit and ego serve as the main crusaders and predators of IT projects.
While immature technology, 'project silos' and scope creep are often painted as the villains behind a failed IT project -- the real saboteur of many IT projects is the internal political manoeuvring.

HP names more names as job cuts continue

While job cuts at Hewlett-Packard Australia will be complete by the end of year, with some business units already shedding staff, the company declined to confirm the number or type of jobs to go.

Handheld technology gets a moove on

While corporate Australia remains steadfastly devoted to their desktops and laptops, Australian farmers have shown who the real innovators are with their adoption of handheld computing.

Agencies get thumbs down in job hunting stakes

IT professionals' strong distrust of and dissatisfaction with recruitment agencies is at crisis point with an overwhelming number more than happy to bypass them, preferring a direct approach.
But there are few options.