Stories by Brett Larson

Enjoy the View

So you've got a sleek new G4 Cube and you're ready to put it through its paces. Only one question: what do you use for a monitor?

Hardware Routers Speed Up, Network Home Computers

With cable and DSL In-ternet connections becoming less expensive and more widely available, users are ditching dial-up modems and second phone lines in favor of these high-bandwidth DSL alternatives. Until recently, connecting multiple computers to such hardware meant paying higher monthly ISP fees. Enter broadband routers: these devices let multiple computers (PCs or Macs) share a single cable or DSL Internet connection, and can network your home computers to boot.

Video, Still Images on the Cheap

Adding a video camera to your USB Mac for Internet videoconferencing and quick image snapping is quite easy-and with the USB interface's cross-platform compatibility, you have more Mac video cameras to choose from than ever. Macworld Lab looked at two recent contenders, 3Com Corp.'s HomeConnect USB and iRez's Kritter USB. Both offer the painless setup we've come to expect from USB devices, but they're quite different when it comes to image quality.

Anywhere, Everywhere, Everything Palm

When you're ready to take your handheld to the next level, both Palm Inc. and Handspring Inc. models offer you the ability to attach extras that expand your device's capabilities. For ratings of some of these Palm additions, you can visit, but we're going to give you a peek at one of the most exciting features of Handspring's Visor line -- the expansion slot known as the Springboard. However, most of the Springboard add-on modules were still in the design stage as of press time.

Starry Night

Did you ever wonder what the view would be like from Pluto? Want to fly into the Sun without getting flambéed? Now you can take a virtual trip to the heavens using Sienna Software Inc.'s Starry Night Backyard and Starry Night Pro, a pair of programs that provide navigable star maps incorporating a wealth of astronomical information. The $64 Starry Night Backyard is aimed at beginning-to-intermediate stargazers; the $149 Starry Night Pro adds features for astronomers and serious hobbyists.

Lightweight Projectors

Lugging around a heavy pro-jector for a mobile presentation is nobody's idea of fun. Is a lightweight projector a better option? Macworld Lab looked at seven projectors, each weighing under 10 pounds, and we were pleasantly surprised. All of the projectors offer either outstanding or acceptable image contrast, color, and brightness. Unfortunately, although the projectors are small in size, they're not small in price: they start at $4,999 and climb from there. And it's important to remember that you're paying for weight (or lack of it); these projectors' features can't match those of heavier models.