Stories by Cathy Hotka

Informal Education

So senior and so experienced. Yet so stale. Are you well versed only in technologies that are at least 10 years old? Do you spend all your time on ROI, depreciation and staff issues, only to find that your tech skills are toast? It's tough for senior managers to stay current on technology, which will always be a moving target. Could you accurately describe Wi-Fi, SOAP, P3P or LDAP to a member of your tech team? The task can be overwhelming. For instance, a CIO pulled me out of a meeting two years ago and urgently whispered, "What in the world is XML?"

New deals with retailers are signs of the future

Paper or plastic? Decaf or regular? Some choices in life are binary. Yet for retailers, few things are that simple, with the past several years having produced an unprecedented blurring of boundaries. Retailers have become manufacturers. Traditional manufacturers now sell directly to consumers over the Web.