Stories by Anonymous

CIO Confidential: Partners, Customers and Orwell

On the bookshelf in my office is a copy of The Winston Dictionary, Advanced Edition, printed in Chicago in 1946. I found it in a box in the closet 10 or 15 years ago, and my original reason for keeping it was purely sentimental. It was my mother's, given to her as a high school graduation gift to assist her in her studies at New York State College for Teachers at Buffalo--the 1946 equivalent of sending a kid off to university with a $3,000 laptop.

CIO Confidential: Unfair Game

CIO hell is an 8-foot-by-6-foot interview room with no windows and a door that can't be opened because the conference table is too large. In hell, CIOs spend eternity interviewing job applicants with the technical savvy of Jethro Bodine and the sensitivity and charm of John Rocker for positions that the HR department will never approve. In hell, resumes are 165 pages long (not including the applicant's arrest record), and each candidate is accompanied by his agent, an angry-looking guy with a red, pointy tail sticking out of the back of his double-knit green leisure suit.

CIO Confidential: The Boiler Room Rag

I'm two weeks on the road now, all overseas, continually heading east for meetings in Europe, then on to Asia, Australia, Japan, then home. I've learned that the secret to dealing with jet lag is simply to decide ahead of time that you're going to feel lousy every single minute you're gone and for several days after you get back. This doesn't make you feel any better, but it somehow lessens your urge to throw yourself in front of the bullet train. I'm on my last leg home, a domestic hop, and the guy in front of me almost broke the LCD panel on my laptop when he leaned back. Why can't I take my eyes off his hair plugs?

Moving Up, Selling Out

There are days when I'd do this job for free and others when I'm sure they're not paying me enough. There are days when I feel like Superman, convinced that I'm the only thing standing between my company's success and its certain destruction, and days when I feel like a sellout.