Stories by John Rizzo

Why IT won't like Mac OS X Lion Server

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Server adds innovative features and a new low price tag, but cuts in services and the elimination of advanced GUI administration tools may force some enterprise departments to think twice about the role of Mac servers on their networks.

Top 10 features that Apple stole from Windows

Steve Jobs once said that Microsoft stole Windows from Apple, but there has been plenty of idea snatching on both sides over the years. Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard each contain features that originated in the other OS. Some features were stolen so long ago that they've become part of the computing landscape, and it's difficult to remember who invented what. Here we give credit to Microsoft where credit is due.

Simultaneous Surfing

These days, it seems as though the whole world either is on the Internet or wants to be -- which probably includes everyone in your house. Problem is, they all want to surf at the same time.

MacInTax Deluxe, Kiplinger TaxCut Duke It Out

Given the complexity of our tax laws, you need tax software if you want to handle your own returns. Both Block Financial Corp.'s $40 Kiplinger TaxCut '99 Deluxe Filing Edition and Intuit Inc.'s $50 Quicken MacInTax Deluxe '99 simplify the tax-preparation process while maximizing the amount of money you get to keep. But this year's Kiplinger TaxCut is easier to use and navigate than Quicken MacInTax-and it's less expensive.