Stories by Rex Farrance

Iomega's 70GB Rev drive outperforms DAT

The handiest and most affordable desktop backup device is currently an external hard drive. But to back up critical workstations and servers, you need high-capacity removable media that you can rotate and secure off-site. Iomega's next-generation Rev drive fills that need.

Tape Backup Giant Quantum Adds Muscle by Acquiring Certance

Although backup behemoth Quantum has retained a hefty market share with its highly regarded DLT-based tape backup products since its 2001 hard-drive business sale to Maxtor, the company has been challenged to deliver a consistent profit to its shareholders--a problem fairly common in the tech industry post-Internet bubble.

Quantum boosts tape drive performance

Quantum has released its latest midrange tape drive, bulking up the amount of data that can be stored on a tape cartridge and cutting backup times.