Stories by Jeffy K. Milstead

Graphic Changes Await Your Mac

When it comes to graphics chips, Apple Computer Inc. and ATI have been running mates for some time. Now several companies are trying to usurp ATI's place at Apple's side.

Inexpensive USB Video Gets Better

If you're looking for a hassle-free way to capture video from your camcorder and display it on your USB-equipped Mac, XLR8's InterView 2.0 is the way to go. The latest release fixes bugs and adds a few bells and whistles -- such as a utility for capturing the video window and displaying it full screen. Version 2.0 also updates the bundled movie-compression utility and includes a 30-day evaluation copy of Sorenson Broadcaster. Although compatibility with various video-editing and Web-cam applications has been improved in InterView 2.0, we noted sound-sync problems when we were capturing a clip using Adobe Premiere 5.1c.

Touch-Screen iMacs

The iMac's sleek curves and inviting nature make it ideal for use in an interactive kiosk. Kiosks work best, though, when you can make your selections by touching the screen. Installing a touch screen can be a challenge, but several companies will sell you iMacs preconfigured with touch capability. Macworld looked at two of these systems: Elo TouchSystems Inc.'s iTouch and MicroTouch Systems Inc.'s TouchStation. Although they use different technologies, both products work well, allowing you to make selections without unduly distorting the display.