Stories by Emily Fitzloff

Sun embraces WBEM standard for Solaris

Sun Microsystems on Tuesday announced Solaris WBEM (Web-Based Enterprise Management) Services, in a move that will make the Solaris operating system significantly more manageable.

Sun to reorganise

Sun Microsystems is combining its three software divisions into a single unit to be managed by Alan Baratz, currently head of Sun's Java software division, sources said Friday. The reorganisation will take effect July 1.

IBM adds directory services

BM revamped its network directory and security products at NetWorld+Interop, in Las Vegas, by creating a single suite aimed at helping companies deploy what IBM calls "ebusinesses."

HP lays out messaging strategy

Hewlett-Packard last week detailed its messaging strategy for large enterprises and Internet service providers, and upgraded its OpenMail package.

CA launches business management infrastructure

Computer Associates International has introduced interBiz Solutions, a newly formed division within CA that will leverage the company's Unicenter TNG (the next generation) systems management technology for the development of electronic-business solutions.

IBM serves up I-Commerce

IBM used this week's Internet World conference here as a forum for unveiling a set of software and services designed to help customers develop and maintain efficient commerce Web sites.

Semio to take labour out of data categorisation

Semio next week plans to launch its Semio Taxonomy, a technology designed to automatically categorise structured and unstructured data for the creation of directories on intranets and Web portals.

Novell exec plays up forthcoming role of XML

In his annual "Future Technologies" keynote speech this Friday -- the closing day of Novell's Brainshare '99 -- Novell chief technology officer Glenn Ricart plans to discuss the possible implications of supporting the Extensible Markup Language (XML) in Novell's products.

Novell to roll out version 8.0 of directory

Novell is expected to take the wraps off today of Novell Directory Services (NDS), Version 8.0, the much anticipated upgrade to the directory that was formerly codenamed Scalable Directory Services, or SCADS.

Netscape embraces Linux in server software

As Linux fans gear up for this week's Linux World Expo, Netscape Communications yesterday announced support for the ever-more popular open source operating system in its Netscape Directory Server, Netscape Messaging Server, and Netscape Delegated Administrator software.

IBM Unveils Massive Directory Strategy

IBM Corp., looking to better integrate its own vast product set as well as boost interoperability with third-party offerings, will preview this week a directory strategy to be rolled out in stages in 1999.
As part of its directory plan, in the spring IBM plans to release a meta directory to run on top of its eNetwork Directory that will be capable of importing and exporting changes among multiple directories -- including Lotus Domino, Microsoft Active Directory, and Novell Directory Services (NDS).

CA's Neugents to Ease Net Admins' Busywork

Computer Associates next week plans to make its Unicenter TNG enterprise management platform significantly smarter with the delivery of much-anticipated artificial intelligence modules.
Called Neugents (neural networking agents), these modules were first announced at CA World '98 last spring and are based on technology CA acquired last December from AIWare.

Bug could corrupt files in NetWare

Novell has identified a potential bug that may corrupt directory files of users running a mixed NetWare 4.x and NetWare 5 environment, according to the company.

Microsoft halts NDS support

Microsoft now plans to refuse technical support to any Windows NT customers who install Novell's Novell Directory Services (NDS) for NT - regardless of whether the problem actually lies with NDS.
For administrators running NT-only networks, the directive is clear: wait for Microsoft's forthcoming Active Directory if you need a comprehensive directory and want NT technical support.