Stories by News Service Staff

VTF - Qualcomm, Via Discuss Wireless Cooperation

TAIPEI (09/22/2000) - Due to a reporting error, the story headlined "VTF - Qualcomm, Via Discuss Wireless Cooperation," posted on Sept. 22, mistakenly noted that quotes about digital wireless telephony were about Bluetooth. The story on the wire has been corrected..

SIIA Blasts Expected Microsoft Remedy Proposal

Due to a reporting error, a story posted on the wire
today regarding a Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) press
conference incorrectly stated the organization's Web address. The correct
address is The story has been corrected on the wire.

Virginia House Passes UCITA Bill

Due to incorrect information provided to the IDG News Service, the story headlined, "Virginia House Passes UCITA Bill," that posted yesterday on the wire incorrectly reported that the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) was passed by the Virginia House of Delegates. The story has been removed from the wire.