Stories by Todd Datz

Storage essentials

Before you can even think about getting more value from your storage dollar, you need to have a strategy in place. That became clear to David Corwin, senior director of technology services at Yellow Technologies, the IT division of transportation company Yellow.

Measuring Employee Quality - Not

In today's overheated job market, many hiring managers can be seen doing back handsprings whenever they fill a position with a body, breathing or otherwise. ("Don't worry, Jack, she'll wake up.") An exaggeration perhaps, but according to a recent study, only five out of 362 U.S. employers measure quality of hire.

Too Many Options

Trying to understand their 401(k) plans leaves many workers glassy-eyed, helpless and prone to investing all of their contributions in money market funds. Now, millions of people worldwide face an even more difficult task: figuring out what to do with their stock options.

Hire Ups

It's no secret: In today's hot economy, you, your coworker, even your deadbeat son-in-law have all used the Web to check out prospective jobs at one time or another. After all, who doesn't fantasize about a plum job in an exotic locale or a $50,000 salary hike?

Europe Vacations

Ask Bernard Frelat how his travel website compares with others and he'll give a simple answer: "We take a customer- centric approach, rather than a product approach." That may sound like the same tiresome spin that emanates from the mouths of every dotcom Tom, Dick and Harry, but Frelat may have more horsepower to back it up.

Polly Wanna Quacker?

Want to find out-before your surgery-whether your doctor is renowned for not knowing the difference between right and left-as in your legs? Inc. can help. The 1-year-old site wants to be the online Consumer Reports of health care. "Consumers can find more information on the car or appliance they're buying than on who's performing their surgery or where it's being done," says Kerry Hicks, CEO and founder. "The choice could be fatal."

Maps to the Star Brands

You're on your way to a sales presentation and you need a caffeine jolt. But you don't want a cup of plain ol' generic coffee-your taste buds are screaming for some Costa Rican Bella Vista. No problem-pull out your Palm Inc. Pilot (while avoiding steering into oncoming traffic), punch in a few keystrokes and, voila, up pops the location of the nearest Starbucks, along with driving directions.

Workplace Diversity

The numbers don't lie-the percentage of African Americans in senior management positions doesn't come close to reflecting their representation in American society. Here's why.