Stories by Dibya Sarkar

Divide Deeper than We Think

A multifaceted, collaborative approach is needed to tackle the digital divide, which is a much more complex issue than people think, a panel of state information technology experts said Tuesday.

County Gets the E-Deed Done

With the click of a mouse, the first electronic deed was transferred and recorded recently at the Wise County Circuit Court in southwestern Virginia.

Boston to Integrate Health Data

Boston's health department, the oldest in the country, has awarded Inc., an e-government service provider, with a US$1.9 million contract to consolidate and integrate the agency's data.

Alaskan Tribes Launch Web Site

In an effort to keep the public informed about negotiations between the state government and its 227 federally recognized tribes, Alaska has a launched a new Web site.

IT Lets Government 'Leap Ahead'

Information technology improves communication and interaction with constituents, making it critical to reforming governments at all levels, a panel of reform experts told a House subcommittee Wednesday.

Virginia Rolls On with Tech Agenda

In a continuing effort to make the state more technology-friendly to residents and businesses, Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore rolled out two task forces and unveiled a new Web site at a recent state technology commission conference.

Study: E-Gov Can't Stop Now

Fueled by public and business demands for e-government services, local, state and federal governments will be forced to offer more services via the Internet, according to a new national study.